Research and Analysis on the Development Focus of Plastic Machinery in China

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At present, China has become the world's largest consumer of plastic machinery, and although the pace of development is rapid, but the results are still remarkable, in science and technology and personnel training is still lacking, in many plastic machine products are still high energy consumption, low efficiency and other defects.


Enterprises need to do a good job of market positioning, in-depth research to determine the market; the use of design means to provide equipment to meet market demand. Government management agencies or national industry organizations should establish a relatively complete system of information collection, statistics, evaluation and dissemination, and publish relevant data statistics and market conditions in the industry. The content can involve the current situation of industry development, industry early warning, problems that need to be paid attention to in the industry, equipment that needs to be developed, problems to be solved, etc., so as to provide a basis for enterprise decision-making.


According to the current situation of the industry, continue to encourage enterprises to obtain high-tech through joint ventures, cooperation, license transfer, etc., but to prevent the phenomenon of foreign capital swallowing domestic enterprises through joint ventures; formulate corresponding policies to encourage enterprises to increase technology and product development Investment, focusing on supporting independent research and development of high-efficiency and energy-saving plastic injection molding machines, lightweight plastic products technology and equipment, and high-efficiency and low-pollution plastic recycling and other technologies and equipment; encourage enterprises to apply for enterprise technology centers at all levels, cooperate with scientific research units to form plastic machine research and development institutions, and actively use government innovation funds to improve the independent development and innovation capabilities of domestic enterprises.


It is very important to improve the competitiveness of the plastic machine industry and strengthen the training of talents. Therefore, it is particularly important to absorb senior management talents and engineering and technical talents suitable for the development of the industry. Training on-the-job personnel and updating the knowledge structure are also essential.